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Australia Post Complaint Template for Lost Parcels

Australia Post Complaint Template for Lost Parcels

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This comprehensive and professionally crafted template is designed to assist individuals in lodging a formal complaint with Australia Post regarding lost parcels. Perfect for anyone who has faced the unfortunate situation of a missing or incorrectly delivered parcel, this template is tailored to address such issues with clarity and legal precision.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Customisation: Simply fill in your personal details, parcel tracking number, and the specifics of your case.
  2. Australian Consumer Law (ACL) References: The template cites relevant ACL provisions, strengthening your complaint by highlighting legal obligations and consumer rights.
  3. Case Law Reference: Includes a mention of the High Court decision in Castlemaine Tooheys Ltd v Williams & Hodgson Transport Pty Ltd, emphasising the applicability of ACL to transportation services.
  4. Clear Structure: Organised in a formal letter format, addressing Australia Post's Customer Sales and Service directly.
  5. Demand for Compensation: A section for demanding reimbursement, aligned with the value of your parcel’s contents.
  6. Attachment Section: A prompt to attach relevant documentation to substantiate your claim.
  7. Deadline for Response: Allows setting a specific timeframe for Australia Post's response, underlining the urgency of your complaint.
  8. Further Action Warning: Mentions potential escalation to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or small claims tribunal if the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved.

This template is ideal for individuals seeking a straightforward, legally informed approach to address parcel delivery issues with Australia Post, ensuring their rights as consumers are well-represented and protected.

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