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Automate your online business

Chick helps merchants automate everything that needs to be done once they've made a sale. It's like steroids for your online store.

A better way to fulfil orders

We made Chick to speed up the fulfilment of orders at Little Bird Electronics and Pi Australia. We attribute our success and customer satisfaction to Chick.

Fulfil orders faster

We sped up the way we fulfil orders by creating Chick. With Chick, we can create shipping carrier labels (Australia Post) with a single click, and fix up those bad addresses that somehow manage to always get through!

  • One-Click Consignment Creation

    By utilising the Chick Scales and Label Printer, we can create and then print out shipping consignment labels and a shipping slip in a single click. Maddy (co-founder of Little Bird Electronics) won't fulfil orders without it!

  • Shipping Address Assistant

    Somehow the likes of Amazon, eBay and even sometimes Shopify let through customer shipping addresses that are to use a technical term "crap". With Shipping Address Assistant we can fix common errors in shipping addresses with a single click.

  • Product and Line Notes

    Shown under the line item when looking at an order, Product and Line Notes are useful whenever you need to bring something to someone's attention that would otherwise be lost in a regular order note.

Finishing the job Sales Channels start

Sales Channels like Shopify, eBay and Amazon consider the fulfilment of an order done once you've marked and orders as "shipped". This differs from your customer's notion, which is "once the products are in their hands".

  • Integrated Consignment Tracking

    Chick pulls in shipment tracking events and saves them against the order. This is great because it allows you to see the status of a shipment without having to go to the carrier's website. Events are retained even when they're deleted by a carrier.

  • Fix issues before your customers contact you

    With tracking events built into Chick, you can now proactively reach out to a customer if there is an issue with their shipment.

  • Happiness emails

    Happiness emails enable you to touch base with your customer after the order has been delivered, again allowing you to be proactive and fix issues before the customer has to reach out to you.

Inventory Management

The source of truth for your inventory

Chick helps you manage both your inventory, where you buy it from and can sync inventory levels across sales channels.

  • Multi-Warehouse Support

    With Multi-warehouse support, you can manage stock across multiple warehouses and stores.

  • Warehouse Locations

    Also known as Shelf or Pick Locations, Warehouse Locations help you manage where your inventory is stored within your warehouse.

  • Inventory Synchronization

    The Inventory Synchronization feature keeps the inventory levels on your different sales channels in sync.

  • Inventory History

    Ever wonder why inventory levels are what they are? With Inventory History, you can view history inventory changes.

Customer relationship management built-in

We built a CRM into Chick because we found that siloing data between two systems really sucked.

A CRM you'll actually use

When a CRM is separate to your E-Commerce platform there is a disconnect and everything from providing support to your customers to providing sales quotes feels slower.

  • Contact Management

    Contact management is built into Chick. Communication with your customers along with their orders and quotes are orgnised and at your fingertips.

  • Organisations

    The ability to group your customers into organisations is helpful when dealing with larger companies and provide your staff with greater context.

  • Tasks / Todos

    With Tasks you'll never forget to do that thing you promised to do. Tasks can be added against a customer or orgnisation.

Create quotes faster

Sales Channels like Shopify, eBay and Amazon consider the fulfillment of an order done once you've marked and orders as "shipped". This differs from your customer's notion, which is "once the products are in their hands".

  • Know your profit

    Quotes in Chick display your gross profit based on the real cost of goods saved against your products.

  • Keep Track of Quotes

    Chick helps you keep track of Quotes with helpful Pending/Win/Lost statuses.

  • Quote an Organisation or Person

    Quote can be provided to both individual customers and whole organisations, helpful when dealing with larger organisations with purchasing departments and procurement systems.

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